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The Care Sector Time Bomb!

It is not being over dramatic to state that the care industry in the UK is fast reaching crisis point. Advances in medical science mean that on average we are all living longer. For the first time ever the UK has more than 11 million people over the age of 65, a number which is predicted to grow to 16 million by 2032.
The number of us living to over 85 will triple in the next 30 years and almost 13 million of the current UK population will reach their 100th Birthday that’s 20% of the population.

It is evident that with this increase in longevity there will be an increase in ‘age related’ conditions resulting in the need for an increase in help to cope with the challenges of daily living.
Add to this the pressures on the NHS and the almost weekly poor publicity for some residential care facilities and you can see why the demand for individuals to be cared for in their home environment under the tailored domiciliary care package that Cultural Dignity ‘n’ Care provides will continue to grow.

The flexibility offered by the recent changes in legislation offering individuals ‘personalized budgeting’ which allows them the flexibility to choose their carer has opened up tremendous opportunities for Cultural Dignity ‘n’ Care as a quality care provider. If you want a rewarding business opportunity that genuinely gives something back to your community then consider becoming a Cultural Dignity ‘n’ Care franchisee.

We believe that we are unique within the care industry by endeavouring to provide carers from a similar cultural background to their clients.

Claudette Anderson

Cultural Care

As a Cultural Dignity ‘n’ Care franchisee you are a business owner giving you the freedom to run your own business but with the backing, support and experience of your franchisor

Our Business Model

Cultural Dignity ‘n’ Care was founded in 2010 by Claudette Anderson. Claudette’s aim was to provide a domiciliary (in the home) care service with a unique difference. Not only would Cultural Dignity ‘n’ Care provide carers who would be ‘matched’ against their clients interest and needs they would also be (although not exclusively) matched in terms of ‘culture’.

This would take into account matching carers to clients with similar backgrounds and language thus taking into account the diverse specific cultural needs to be found within most communities.
It was obvious that many clients were more comfortable being cared for by someone who came from a similar culture and who spoke the same language. In business terms this has led to Cultural Dignity ‘n’ Care providing long term care for many of its clients leading to a steady growth in the business.
Cultural Dignity ‘n’ Care also take into account the more specialist and sensitive areas of care such as caring for those with HIV and seek to provide care staff with experience of working within this sector or who may be HIV Positive themselves and understand the challenges that their clients face.

As well as the specialist care sectors, you would provide care for anyone who needs it within your community thus maximising you potential to grow a strong sustainable business.
Cultural Dignity ‘n’ Care is a Management Franchise which is premises based. Previous experience within the care sector is not a necessity. Successful franchisees will be expected however to possess, good business skills, have the ability to relate to people at all levels and from all backgrounds and the passion to build a successful business that provides real value to an ever growing sector within society.

The success of a Management Franchise depends on the Franchisee’s ability to manage people (both your own staff and your care providers) as well as having the overall responsibility of running a successful business.
Our training and ongoing support will help you to improve the lives of your clients by providing them with an individually tailored home support package as well as getting you started on your journey to owning a rewarding and profitable business

The Potential in Care Industry

Choosing to start a business is a major decision. Two factors that you should always bear in mind are:
1. Is there a demand for the service that I am offering?
2. Will this demand be long term?

As a Cultural Dignity ‘n’ Care franchisee you can be sure that the answer to both the above questions is a resounding YES!

Take a Look at the Facts:

• Total number of people receiving domiciliary care – 883,000
• Total care hours Delivered – 326 million
• Total spend on domiciliary care £5.2billion
• State spend £4.05 billion
• Private Spend £1.2 billion

• Total number directly employed in the sector 578,000

“Given current demographic trends in the UK and the rate of ageing nationwide, we would expect the number of people to be receiving domiciliary care to increase. Above Information from UKHCA Report

Our offer to you

As you can imagine ‘care’ is at the centre of everything that we do. Whilst we expect you, as our franchisee to provide a superior level of care for your clients we are committed to providing you with the care and support that will help you to build a successful and profitable business.


This will include:

  • A 5 year licence with an automatic renewal right for a further 5 years
  • An exclusive protected territory
  • Advice on premises location
  • An in depth induction programme
  • Computer/Printer/Scanner/Copier
  • Complete Filing System
  • Branded Uniforms
  • Training Accommodation
  • Dedicated Website
  • Operations Manual
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Marketing materials

Training in:

  • Interviewing and Matching
  • Industry Legalities\
  • Operational Systems & Procedures
  • Moving & Handling
  • First Aid
  • Safeguarding
  • Infection Control

Our commitment to help you to succeed is ‘open ended’. We will be with you during the term of your franchise agreement keeping you updated on any changes in legislation and working practices, providing ongoing training and giving you help and support when needed.

We do all of the above because we care not only about the quality of service that you offer to your clients but we also care about you our franchisee.

The first five franchise territories are offered at a special price of £14,995 + VAT

The Management Service Fee is 8.5% of gross turnover + VAT Marketing Levy is 1.5% of gross turnover + VAT

Franchising is a proven ‘low risk’ method to start a business, 97% of franchised businesses are profitable (NatWest Survey)

What we look for

Being a Cultural Dignity ‘n’ Care Franchisee doesn’t require previous industry experience. It does however require you to have a passion for providing care and a desire to tailor that care to meet the needs and culture of your clients.

You need to be willing to adopt the methods and working practices that have made us successful and which, coupled with your hard work, will make you successful also.

By becoming a Cultural Dignity ‘n’ Care franchisee you can truly make a difference by improving the lives of your clients and building a business that will give you job satisfaction as well as an attractive income.

Do You Care Enough to:

  • Go that ‘extra mile’ for your clients?
  • Build a team of committed co-workers and carers?
  • Appreciate the need for a ‘culturally focussed’ service?
  • Want to build a profitable business and a secure future?